The Joy of Residential Design

In the back offices of Dullea + Associates Residential Design we have talked on and off for years about the dilemma many people face when engaged in a residential design and construction project: determining appropriate budgets, how to make proper product selections, avoiding cost overruns, eliminating the stress of making so many decisions … if you’ve been there you’ve probably added a half dozen other things to this list already. This blog is our attempt to educate people about the ins and outs of residential design so that when you’re ready to design that dream home or take on that renovation project, you arrive at the end with a completely rewarding experience. You see, we firmly believe that a residential design and construction project should be just as much fun for YOU as it is for US!

Through this blog we are going to share our knowledge, expertise and projects with anyone willing to give us a read.  Hopefully, you’ll find articles that will educate, inspire and engage you in a way that is convenient and practical. We will highlight “Before and After” projects, new homes, and renovations and additions of every size, shape and style.  We will give you vital information about residential design and let you in on some closely held secrets of the trade. 

We will do our best to help you understand more about what is involved in designing a new home and what you need to consider before you decide to add on or renovate your existing home.  We will give you guidelines, rules of thumb, and information to help you avoid costly mistakes.  We will debunk some commonly held misconceptions, such as “You can expect to spend at least 20% more than what your contractor tells you” or “Don’t count on getting into your new home on time.”  

We can’t promise to always be entertaining but we do promise to say it like it is, and to tell you things you’ve always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.  If there is something you would like to ask us or a subject you would like us to cover, send us an email or leave us a comment. We LOVE feedback! We also encourage you to check out our “About Us” pages to learn more about our firm and why you can trust in the advice we provide in our blog.

 This is a new and exciting adventure and we hope you will join us on the journey. Follow along!

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One thought on “The Joy of Residential Design

  1. karad1 says:

    Congrats! Look forward to reading (and learning) more!

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