About Mark

Mark Dullea is an art enthusiast who turned his passion for art and architecture into a way of life.  He grew up with a strong inclination toward artistic and engineering endeavors and found the perfect union of the two in architecture.  Mark has a Master of Architecture and Bachelor’s degree in Design as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Building Science and Management, all from Clemson University. As a student at the Charles E. Daniel Centerfor Building Research and Urban Studies, he spent several months in Genoa,Italy, a unique experience that allowed him to travel throughout Europe documenting and touring the architectural masterpieces of world-renowned architects and engineers. 

Having worked as a site manager for a commercial construction company and as a designer for several commercial and residential architecture firms before starting his own firm, Mark gained an uncommon, yet invaluable, knowledge of both building and design. It is the primary reason Dullea + Associates is able to consistently keep projects on budget and on time.

In the mid-1990’s, Mark became acutely aware that his passion and talent lie in designing custom homes and custom home renovations and additions. Seeing a void in the Upstate marketplace, he decided to start his own firm in 1999. Then, as now, Mark’s goal was to provide homeowners with access to a designer who listens with a masterful ear, leads with authority, designs with finesse, and creates details with precision.  Mark’s projects combine the timeless artistry of a master of design along with the practicality and precision of a craftsman builder.

Mark serves on the board of the Roper Mountain Science Center Association and is a member of the Greenville Rotary Club where he chaired that organization’s largest annual fundraiser. On weekends and evenings you’ll find him with his wife, Jeanne, cheering on their daughter at swim meets and soccer tournaments.

One thought on “About Mark

  1. Gary says:

    You do a wonderful job of guiding your clients through the design and construction process, and it has been a pleasure working with you on many successful project deliveries with our mutual clients. I look forward to following the comments and advice that you will be providing through your blog!

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