We hired Dullea + Associates in 2011 on the recommendation of several friends and neighbors. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Initially, we met with Mark so he could get an idea of what we were looking for in the project. He asks questions and then listens carefully to the answers. His interest is in not only designing a beautiful, livable home or renovation plan, but also in doing what his clients want. He was able to interpret our style and the look and feel of what we were going for through asking questions and through spending time in our existing home.

His knowledge of both building and design-and of what we were looking for-resulted in a near-perfect drawing on the first draft, which is remarkable. After Mark drafted the full set of plans, he recommended several contractors. Having worked in various capacities of design and construction for a long time, he knows which builders stay on budget and on plan and we used one of his recommendations, who was also excellent.

Hiring Mark alleviated a lot of my fears about our renovation, which was a big one. His attention to detail, professionalism, and his ability to adhere to our budget and listen to our needs made him the best choice for the job.

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